An Android Guide

Android guide


If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive Android guide, this is a great place to start. The Complete Android Guide by Kevin Purdy is a highly rated book, and it features plenty of screenshots. It discusses every feature of Android and also offers tips for common annoyances. The book also contains a section with recommended apps. However, since this book is written for Android 2.1, screenshots may not appear as they would on other Android phones.

Before beginning to develop an application for Android, you should be familiar with mobile interfaces and common patterns. This guide provides a high-level tour of key UI elements, such as the Navigation Drawer, Action Bar, and Content Area. It also includes information on how to use the Material Palette, which highlights important color choices. In addition, you should read about the Typography Guide, which explains the most common types of fonts for Android applications, their default colors, and provides links to custom fonts.


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