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GBR Realty Australia is an award-winning realty firm based in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Principal Katy Zhou and her staff have vast realty experience in selling commercial real estate, residential apartments, commercial real estates and other businesses. They have extensive knowledge of the property market and have negotiated with many of the largest developers in Australia. Their aim is to ensure that their clients get the best realty deal for their money in all the Australian regions. Because they sell a wide range of realty related services including investment properties, commercial properties, residential apartments and rental properties, they have the expertise to deal with a range of diverse customers – see this

How to Aptlysis Properties – Offering Luxury Living

They are proud to be one of the largest realty companies in Australia and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality realty services to their clients. The realty company has developed close links with a large number of developers across all major regions in Australia including: Brisbane, Corrumbin, Mooloolaba, Rosebank, Maroochyook, Stradbroke Island, Broadmeadows, and Karrinyup in Western Australia. Other main realty firms around Australia include: Beaus Logistics Pvt Ltd, Broadlands Realty Pty Ltd, and Greenmount Properties Pty Ltd. Their projects include housing, sustainable development, industrial and retail developments in cities and towns, and heritage buildings and monuments around the country. They also provide a comprehensive service to realtors and other professionals involved in the construction and/or development of new homes, buildings and facilities.

Their main realty firm in Cairns is APT Realty Pty Ltd, which is led by Managing Director Peter Lawless. Apart from managing Aptlysis properties, the company also provides its customers with a complete range of realty related services such as property management, leasing, investment and trust services, and building survey services. It also participates in a wide range of industry events such as property conventions, and conferences. Apart from these, APT also organizes an annual Property Market Forum in Cairns during November. Apart from this, it has launched a number of realty related websites. Apart from these, they also provide a mail forwarding service for clients who require the forwarding service after purchase realty.

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