Lucrez In Europa

After the war, many Romanians started Lucrez în Europa strawberry farms, either directly or through intermediaries in Germany. On May 19, thousands of Romanians protested in Bonn, calling for better working conditions and higher wages. This angered the French government, who quickly responded by implementing a package of support for young farmers who have spent some time in France. In the past, these newcomers have faced a myriad of difficulties.

Romanian Workers in France

The Romanian government has been working on tightening rules for posting Romanian workers abroad. The European Commission has suggested that employers pay posted Romanian workers the same as local employees. But such proposals haven’t received much support from member states in eastern Europe. In contrast, the National Pension House of the Republic of Moldova has stated that over 50,000 Romanians were posted abroad last year. Nevertheless, the quotas are still too low.

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