Relax in Luxury at Nelly Bay Accommodation

If you’re looking for a quality, clean and comfortable holiday in Phuket, you should consider booking a stay at one of the many Nelly Bay accommodation options that the area has to offer. Nelly Bay is a beautiful beach town in Thailand, situated on the southern end of Phuket, and is known as the gateway to Koh Tao. It has been a popular destination with tourists and holidaymakers since the days of the Royal Air Force (RAF) who used it as a military training base. Now it is home to a wide variety of activities, from Thai boxing to beach sports and even Thai massage! Nelly Bay accommodation comes complete with a range of modern facilities such as a fitness centre and spa, a swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, and even an indoor climbing wall for the curious.


Nelly Bay accommodation comes complete with a choice of accommodation options including budget hotels, resorts and holiday houses. Each has its own unique style, and the rates vary depending on the services you wish to have, the location you wish to visit, and the time of year. The majority of Nelly Bay’s budget holiday homes are located on the beach front, so you will be able to see the most beautiful sights while still being close to where you live. The majority of resorts and hotels are located inland and require a car or van to arrive; however they are much easier to get around and can provide you with a much more relaxed atmosphere. When you visit the island, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in your room, watch the waves crash onto the coast, while sipping on a cold beer.


To check out all the great benefits of staying in Nelly Bay, why not book a holiday house rental? For only a couple of nights you could be enjoying the beaches, water sports and lazy days of sunbathing by the sea, whilst leaving behind your cares and packing for your next trip to the island. With so many different holiday house rentals available in Nelly Bay, there is bound to be the perfect Nelly Bay accommodation to suit your needs. So why not come and see what all the fuss is about?

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