Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger and the WE Movement

Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger has an impressive resume of achievements. The WE Movement is one of his most notable organizations. The WE Movement was founded by the two brothers in 2004. The two founded the We Project and the WE Foundation in 2008. These two organizations have changed the world for the better. Together, they have raised billions of dollars for charity. As a child, Craig was moved by a story about a boy who was murdered for speaking out against child labor. He decided to start a Free the Children project. This small project evolved into a lifelong commitment to make a difference. From that point on, the WE Movement was born.

How to Know What is Social Entrepreneur Craig Kielburger and the WE Movement

The WE Foundation was created by Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc Kielburger. They began the movement as a way to promote children’s rights in developing countries. Currently, the organization has more than 4 million members. The organization’s mission is to help vulnerable children. Its founders claim that it has raised over one million dollars and lifted more than one million people out of poverty. Aside from its social impact, the WE Foundation’s mission and brand are based on its ability to engage a wide range of audiences.

When Craig Kielburger was only twelve years old, he came across an article that had been written by a Pakistani boy. Iqbal Masih was a child laborer who had been murdered because he spoke out against child labor. This event sparked his activism and he and his brother Marc have never let it go. They have used their social business to help children around the world. And it has inspired thousands of other people to follow in their footsteps.

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