What You Should Know About Standing Desks

standing desks

If you are interested in trying out standing desks for your home office, here are a few things you should consider. Before you buy one, determine your height. You can calculate your standing height by multiplying it by 0.6, and then multiply that number by 0.8. If you are taller than that, you should choose a model that can accommodate your height. Uplift V2 and Vari can accommodate those who are taller than five feet.

Choose A Product That Compliments Your Workspace

Initially, standing desks were simply a box or pile of books under your laptop. Today’s standing computer desks are often adjustable, with levers that let you raise the monitor and keyboard to eye level. A standing computer desk helps prevent “hunching” and neck strain, and you may even find a comfortable mouse pad and wrist rests to keep your hands and arms at the appropriate height. For maximum benefit, you should use a standing desk on a regular basis to rotate your wrists back to a more normal height.

For a good standing desk, consider the aesthetics and materials. While you’ll find a wide range of desks on the market, you should choose a product that compliments your workspace. The Uplift V2 isn’t as sturdy as the Vari Electric Standing Desk, but it’s still more stable than many of its competitors. If you’re an aggressive typer or work on a laptop, consider getting a Vari Electric Standing Desk.

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